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KJC Heliomare & MFS

The new Children's and Youth Centre Heliomare in Heemskerk offers education, rehabilitation, sports and exercise for more than 500 children aged 0-20 years with a disabil...

Urban villa's Jeroen Bosch Park Den Bosch

Three urban villas, designed by Office Winhov architects integrated in the Jeroen Bosch Park in Den Bosch.

Flatgebouw de Boel Amsterdam

A radical renovation of an apartment building into an open and transparent shared office and housing project. 

Villa Veghel

A modest brick house has been transformed into a light modernist villa with long sightlines and a vertical accent. 

Fortwachterswoning Poederoijen

On the site of a former fort watchman's house a new restaurant with upstairs accommodation was built. 

Victoria Court Eindhoven

The Victoria Court residential building is part of the transformation of the Emmasingel quadrant in the centre of Eindhoven. 

Gebouw N Hengelo

Building N has been transformed into a collective building for high-tech start-ups.

Axis Towers

Axis Towers is ontworpen volgens het principe van een “stad in een stad”....
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Aan de voet van de Erasmusbrug aan het Willemsplein bouwt Van Wijnen een 40 meter hoge woontoren.

The Muse of Rotterdam

In opdracht: The Muse Rotterdam, een ontwerp van Barcode Architects....

Antakya Hilton Museum Hotel

Museum Hotel The Antakya Hilton Museum Hotel is located alongside the ruins of the Church of St Peter, a well-known place of pilgrimage....


Organically stacked The eye-catching Vista luxury apartment complex brings a powerful new architectural statement to the London skyline....

Tykhe Hotel

ROUNDED ROOF The hotel with glazed façade covers an area of 60 064 square meters and has 31 floors....

Black Forest Building 11

Black Forest, the extensive green park in the Putuo district of Shanghai.

Leontievsky Mys

The white residential complex is situated on the very tip of Petrogradsky Island which makes it exceptional. 

One Tower Bridge

Luxury beside the Thames Living doesn’t get any better than this: the modern complex of One Tower Bridge is located in the heart of London, next to the iconic Tower Bridg...
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